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Do you want to find out all you can about relationships in the team, possible problems and difficulties before official employment with the company? The main objective of our service is to help you make a well-considered and carefully weighted decision before you commit to it.

Community guidelines of the mplrs.com employees:
- Anonymity.
- Freedom of speech.
- Utility.

The main task of the community is to help other job seekers, and the site is just a tool for exchanging information between former, current and future employees. The community’s task is to provide data about how the working system is formed, about the work environment and whether it makes sense for an applicant to sign a contract.

Reviews are inherently helpful - leaving them isn't just a way to express your opinion or unburden yourself emotionally. This website is important to users that wish to know all there is to know about the company, as it is the only way to do so.